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Get rid of your pride – Sometimes it helps

August 17, 2011

The pride that makes you self conscious, makes you think of who you want to be instead of who you are.

While this is not bad and is more than necessary, sometimes you just need to take 2 steps back and discard that pride.

Why would you ever need to do that?

Asking for advice – simple yeah? Actually not really. It’s not just asking for advice, it’s also taking critique on board. Being emotionally attached to your work is not a good way of working. You will take any sort of critique to heart and there isn’t a need to defend your work. You have to be your own harshest critique and even if someone belittles your work you have to ask yourself why? In the end being a sponge rather than a rock will take you a lot further and improve your work tenfold.

You need to know which are your best images and which are lacking.

You might love that photo of that model you took on the beach because it was a difficult shoot and even though the image didn’t turn out great you want to use it because you don’t want to make out as if it was a wasted effort.

Guess what? Nobody knows that’s the case. All they’ll see is a flawed image that could be better. Not good. Nobody else will care about your images like you do. So be proud of your work but don’t be clouded out of neutral judgement. It’s taken me around 2 and a half years to get to the point where if I go on a photo-shoot and all my images are failures not destined for my final portfolio I can accept it (Another great post on this by Chase Jarvis here). It hasn’t gone to waste because I’ll grow from that experience and based on that failure I will have realised what went wrong and next time amend that ahead of time.

You want people to tell you that they love your work. To put your work on Facebook and get loads of likes. To show your work and for everyone to say wow! It’s easier; I get it, since I was once there aswell. But you won’t become a better photographer or anything else.

Don’t take it to heart.


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